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From an idea to reality

At Terräng MP-Sec France, we control our  whole communication strategy from a simple idea to its implementation


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Just for a weekend

The Terrang MP-Sec team participates in major trade fairs in Europe.

We design, create and equip the booths in close collaboration with our partner brands.

Watch the video Milipol 2019:

A 360° communication

We ensure the visibility and reputation of our company on an international level on social networks known to the general public

Produit créer dans le but de promouvoir nos marques - Flyers, Packaging, etc
Produit créer dans le but de promouvoir SMH - Flyers; Packaging, etc
Produit créer dans le but de promouvoir SMH - Flyers; Packaging, etc

A tradition since the beginning

Every year we produce and print several thousand copies of our general catalogue presenting all our brands as well as various brand brochures in French and specialised flyers (burglary, medicine, etc.)

Because it's important to us

We maintain close links with the specialist press. We regularly invite specialists to test equipment and weapons in order to produce quality articles.

We advertise in these magazines:

Quality printing


Guaranteed visibility

We have accumulated a lot of experience in brand promotion and shop outfitting.

We offer our clients point of sale solutions and support them in the customised design of their shop-in-shop.

We have outfitted some fifteen 5.11 shops in France and ten ASP shops in Europe.


Our great pride

We are proud to partner with and support these institutions

More than partners - a family

Unforgettable moments, this is the secret recipe for more than just a partnership.

Sharing the same passion for truly memorable experiences.

Johan Lara

Ex force spéciale et surfer, ou l'inverse

Alban Lenoir

Acteur de chic et tireur choc


L'actrice / présentatrice que tu fais semblant de ne pas connaitre

Tibo Inshape

"Damn les gens", Top 5 youtubeur français

Lalou Croft

La policière / maitre chien au caractère de T-Rex

Clémence - I hate wall balls

En vrai qui aime les wall balls ?

Make yourself at home

Actor training, technical advice and product placement. We make our brands shine on international shoots.